Ayala Bavly

Editing Manager, Mandel Graduate Unit

Ayala writes and edits materials related to the work of the Mandel Graduate Unit. She coordinates the production of new content, and is responsible for such projects from the initial phase of information gathering through final production. Ayala also manages the content of the Mandel Graduate Unit's websites, and is responsible for writing and updating materials. She also assists the unit director in ongoing contact with the graduates, and administers, monitors, and manages the unit director's consultation processes. Ayala joined the Graduate Unit after serving alongside her husband for over two decades in various missions abroad on behalf of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During these missions, Ayala worked in the commercial departments of the Israeli embassies in Spain and Italy. As part of her position, she promoted the commercial and economic relations between the countries, as well as advancing the interests of Israeli companies. Ayala also worked in the political department at the Consulate General of Israel in Miami. Ayala began her professional life at Israel's Channel 1 television as a researcher and production secretary for several documentary programs and series. Ayala holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and studied art history and drawing for two years at Florida Atlantic University.