Opportunities for Learning, Action, and Collaboration

The Mandel Graduate Unit’s programs have been developed in response to the needs expressed by Mandel graduates, during a process designed to enable the Unit to expand and hone its activities.

After identifying a broad spectrum of views and interests – regarding both relations between the Unit and Mandel graduates, and relations between the graduates themselves – we developed a rich and varied menu designed to increase our graduates’ impact in their various fields of action. This menu has three main categories: learning, action, and collaboration. Each of these areas includes numerous activity opportunities that vary in their scope, location, topic, and nature. Registration for the activities takes place on a specially designed digital platform.

During the first year of the new array of activities, we will examine – together with our graduates – the quality of the options offered and how much they contributed to the active leadership of our graduates. This year will thus be one of trial and error, during which we will assess whether, and how, the opportunities we have developed serve the professional goals of our graduates and facilitate productive collaborations between them.​