On the individual level, the Mandel Graduate Unit offers one-on-one consultations in various formats. These processes have been developed for graduates in need of support in reflecting on their career path or a professional dilemma or idea, with a focus on the educational, social and management challenges with which they contend on the way to realizing their vision. The aim of the consultation is to give graduates the tools that will help them in their professional life at present and for the future.   

Consultation by MGU’s cadre of professional counselors and MGU team 

Individual consultation is part of the professional development process for graduates of the Mandel programs to address professional challenges. Read More

Individual Consultation: Consultation in the Field 

Consultation in the field is provided to graduates by Prof. Haim Adler, laureate of the Israel Prize for his work in education, together with other members of the unit. Read More

Individual Consultation 

This joint consultation session was conceived to provide graduates with professional solutions in real time. Read More

Partnerships with graduates 

The partnership with the graduates of the various Mandel programs is one of the most important elements in the Mandel Graduate Unit’s work. Read More