Professor Chaim Adler

Faculty Member

Professor Chaim Adler is a consultant for the Mandel Graduate Unit and works closely with graduates of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. He is professor emeritus of sociology and education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he was the founding director of the NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education, a position he held for over 20 years. Professor Adler's main areas of research include education as a factor for social change and youth culture in modern society. In 2006, Professor Adler received the prestigious Israel Prize for his work and research in education.

Senior Staff

Sharona Bar-Nes

Senior Staff Member

Sharona is a senior staff member of the Mandel Graduate Unit, where she develops training and professional development programs, provides individual and group guidance and pedagogical counseling on core subjects, and builds partnerships with organizations in the social, educational, and welfare fields. She is also involved in creating and implementing the Unit's annual work plan. Sharona joined the Mandel Graduate Unit after serving as a guide and consultant in the areas of professional development and implementation of organizational innovation, working with public and private institutions and nonprofit organizations. During 2009–2016, Sharona was the Director of the Division of Education of the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council, where she was responsible for 15,500 students from 57 localities, who were studying in 20 schools and in 119 pre-schools. During this time, Sharona established six new schools and other adapted frameworks under the auspices of the regional council. Throughout, she promoted communal educational leadership, advanced ethical issues, and led unique programs and groundbreaking initiatives that were awarded prizes and received much praise. Sharona is a graduate of Cohort 16 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. Prior to her studies at the School, she established and managed the pre-academic preparatory program at Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem and directed a pre-academic preparatory program in the Social Involvement Unit at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sharona also instructed managers and teaching staff of high schools on behalf of the AYALA Center at the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University, was an educational counselor at the AMIT Youth Village in Petah Tikva, was a senior staff member and instructor for the Michael Project, and managed the IDUD program at Bar-Ilan University, which works to increase accessibility to higher education for populations in Israel's periphery. Sharona is a member of the directorate of Israel's Ministry of Finance, which appointed her to the directorate of the Hakfar HaYarok youth village for environmental leadership. Sharona holds a bachelor's degree and teaching certificate in educational counseling and social sciences, a master's degree in educational counseling, and an Executive MBA degree, all from Bar-Ilan University.


Yoav Bartov

Job Placement Coordinator

Yoav Bartov holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Jewish Philosophy and a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the Department of Sociology, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His master’s thesis explored the legitimacy problems an international organization has to deal with when attempting to fit into the Israeli market.

Ayala Bavly

Editing Manager, Mandel Graduate Unit

Ayala writes and edits materials related to the work of the Mandel Graduate Unit. She coordinates the production of new content, and is responsible for such projects from the initial phase of information gathering through final production. Ayala also manages the content of the Mandel Graduate Unit's websites, and is responsible for writing and updating materials. She also assists the unit director in ongoing contact with the graduates, and administers, monitors, and manages the unit director's consultation processes. Ayala joined the Graduate Unit after serving alongside her husband for over two decades in various missions abroad on behalf of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During these missions, Ayala worked in the commercial departments of the Israeli embassies in Spain and Italy. As part of her position, she promoted the commercial and economic relations between the countries, as well as advancing the interests of Israeli companies. Ayala also worked in the political department at the Consulate General of Israel in Miami. Ayala began her professional life at Israel's Channel 1 television as a researcher and production secretary for several documentary programs and series. Ayala holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and studied art history and drawing for two years at Florida Atlantic University.

Eli Rabani


Eli Rabani was the spiritual and cultural leader of the Jewish community of Florence in the city of Siena, Italy during the years 2008-2014. In this capacity, he was responsible for the religious and cultural aspects of the community and for the teaching of Judaism. He taught Hebrew and Judaism to children and adults, organized meetings with school students at the ancient synagogue of Siena in order to create familiarity with the Jewish religion, and represented the Jewish community to the Siena local authorities. Prior to that, Eli worked for many years with people with special needs. He is a qualified alternative medicine therapist and a reflexologist. Eli holds a bachelor's degree in Jewish philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a teaching certificate for Israeli high schools.

Danielle Vazana


Danielle Vazana joined the Mandel Graduate Unit after working in Isralife’s customer service department where she specialized in marketing and customer retention. In the past, Danielle did secretarial work and she has some accounting experience. During her military service she was in charge of coordination and organization for people volunteering for military service. She is skilled in Microsoft software and completed an office management course offered by the Ministry of Economy.