Graduates of Mandel programs living in Israel and Jewish communities around the world are leading change in the educational and social fields.

The Mandel Graduate Unit’s overriding goal is to develop graduates’ professional capacities and forge long-term partnerships among graduates and with us. These partnerships empower graduates to advance their vision and achieve change in education and in society, both in Israel and abroad.

Over the years the Mandel Graduate Unit (MGU) has garnered unique knowledge and expertise in leadership and management skills – in the spirit of the Mandel Foundation-Israel.

The activities of MGU are a continuation of the training begun in the many Mandel Foundation-Israel programs, creating opportunities for the graduates to continue to learn and grow professionally through:

  • Developing and acquiring leadership and management tools and knowledge
  • Encouraging graduates to refine and reinvigorate their professional vision
  • Partnership in expanding the graduates’ spheres of influence
  • Managing and developing unique infrastructure to support the graduates’ learning opportunities
  • Creating a professional community based on active citizenship of the graduates

The Mandel Graduate Unit works with graduates on three levels:

  • Individual level – processes developed to support graduates as they realize their vision

  • Group level – group learning processes that serve as a resource for professional development

  • Community level – leveraging individual and group knowledge and expertise to advance action ​

The Mandel Graduate Unit serves as a professional home and safe environment for the graduates of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. Graduates of this program are invited to share and consult with the Mandel Graduate Unit staff on projects they are working on and to share their experiences with the community at large. Graduates are also invited to view the Mandel facilities as their ​professional home and to feel free to utilize the resources placed at their disposal: library, meeting rooms, computer center, and classrooms.

About the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation

"The hallmark of our philanthropy is our commitment to invest in people with the values, ability and passion to change the world." – Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel founded the Mandel Foundation in 1953 in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The work of the Foundation is grounded in the belief that exceptional leaders, inspired by powerful ideas, are key to improving society and the lives of people around the world. 

The Mandel Foundation aims to contribute to the flourishing of the United States and Israel as just, inclusive, compassionate and democratic societies, and to improve the quality of life in both countries.

The Foundation’s philanthropic work is devoted to the following five areas of engagement: leadership development, management of nonprofits, humanities, Jewish life, and urban engagement.
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