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From Vision to Practice: Study Day on Resource Development

To enhance their skills as leaders of educational and social enterprises, graduates of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership participated in a study day and practical workshop on resource development

​As leaders of organizations, schools, and educational and social enterprises, Mandel graduates are often required to engage in resource development – including fundraising – for their institutions. Knowledge in this area is important even for those who are not directly responsible for this matter within their places of work.

In order to provide graduates with knowledge and practice in this important field, the Mandel Graduate Unit developed a study day that incorporated both theoretical and practical elements. The program included a review of current trends in resource development, and presented practical tools for strategic planning in this area.

The event was planned by Rakefet Mossek, consultations manager at the Mandel Graduate Unit, and Ruti Srebro, a senior consultant and partner at Ariel Kedem Resource Development, which specializes in strategic consulting to non-profit organizations and in resource development. 

Uri Ben-Ner, a strategic and organizational consultant to foundations and Jewish communities around the world, gave a lecture on innovation in resource development, This was followed by an open discussion with representatives of a number of philanthropic foundations active in Israel.

From Vision to Practice: Study Day on Resource Development