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Vision-Based and Goal-Oriented Budget Planning and Management

The Mandel Graduate Unit's study day on vision-based and goal-oriented budget planning included a practical experience component

​In mid-December, the Mandel Graduate Unit held a study day on developing budgets based on visions and goals. The study day provided Mandel graduates with knowledge and tools that would enable them to plan budgets that reflects their organization’s values and economic considerations, and with tools for assessing the extent to which the organizational budget is aligned with the organization's goals and vision.

Budgets are key tools in organizational decision-making processes, in that they translate an organization’s vision and goals into financial targets. For this reason, it is important that Mandel graduates – many of whom head educational and social organizations – have the requisite financial knowledge to be able to ensure that their organization’s budget management reflects the organization's vision, rather than simply being a tool for regulation by finance staff. 

Participants in the study day received guidance from professional consultant Elli Malki, a senior economist who works as an economic, financial, and business consultant, mainly with civil society organizations and social businesses.

The study day was planned and led by Dr. Granit Almog-Bareket, director of the Mandel Graduate Unit, and senior staff member Sharona Bar-Nes.

Vision-Based and Goal-Oriented Budget Planning and Management