Individual Consultation – Consultation in the Graduate’s Field of Practice

Consultation in the field is provided to graduates by Prof. Haim Adler, laureate of the Israel Prize for his work in education, together with other members of the unit or by other leading consultation experts from Israel or abroad who belong to the broader Mandel community.

The unique aspect of this consultation is that it takes place in the graduate’s field of practice, as it focuses on the individual graduates themselves and their professional development.

Field consultation enables graduates to consult on matters related to the professional challenges they face, after a closer familiarity has been gained with the graduate’s organization and work environment.

The consultation draws a clear connection between the graduate’s professional development and the activities of the Mandel Graduate Unit: It creates a bridge between what happens at MGU and the professional knowledge and challenges that Mandel graduates in the field possess; it considerably increases the opportunities for networking among the graduates with a focus on shared professional challenges; it pools professional knowledge for the benefit of other graduates and of the Mandel Graduate Unit as a whole.

In the past two years, this model has been further consolidated and now involves a number of different stages: a preliminary stage, in which the key questions for consultation are defined as the consultants get to know the graduate and the organization; a meeting aimed at raising the key questions that concern the graduate; and a summing-up process and documentation of the knowledge.

In field consultation, priority is given to graduates currently involved in a process of professional change or who are about to face such a process.