Consultation by MGU’s Cadre of Professional Counselors and MGU Team

Individual consultation is part of the professional development process for graduates of the Mandel programs to address professional challenges.

The individual consultations were developed for the graduates who need focused support for the educational, social and management challenges that they face on the way to realizing their visions.

The consultation is individual and is aimed at giving the graduate the tools that will help him or her during his or her professional life in the present and future. The consultations are on subjects such as clarifying one’s vision at career crossroads; support upon taking on a new position; career development; management issues; and educational and social entrepreneurship. Requests for individual consultations are submitted to the consultation committee, which meets four times a year.

Decisions related to consultations and their scope are made based on fixed criteria. The number of hours of individual consultation processes is determined by the consultation committee.

The committee includes representative of the MGU senior team; graduates of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership; representatives working in education or in the social sector; and the committee coordinator on behalf of MGU.

Individual consultation tracks:

  • The regular track involves 15 hours on subjects such as consolidating a professional track or focus
  • The intensive track involves up to 30 hours and deals with subjects such as entering a new position
  • The long track involves more than 30 hours on challenges such as creating a new initiative

Requests for consultation should be submitted on the designated form up to one week before the date of the next committee meeting.

Urgent consultation – In special cases, when it is impossible to wait for the committee to meet, graduates can apply to the director of  MGU with a request to receive a short-term consultation package of up to six hours to address specific immediate issues.

Consultation to prepare for a new position – Graduates seeking to contend for a new position can apply to the director of MGU with a request to receive focused consultation sessions of up to three hours.