Group level processes involve group learning aimed at addressing professional challenges and the constantly-changing reality in the areas of education and society.
Activities on this level are based on the knowledge and expertise of the Mandel community, which serve as a resource for professional development. The activities are held in select content areas in which group level activities are far more effective and offer a unique added value.

Courses, study days and workshops 

These courses, study days and workshops focus on the development of group study aimed at addressing the professional challenges that graduates face in the fields of society and education. Read More

The learning Mandel community: Continuation programs 

The continuation programs are based on the assumption that the peer group (cohort) that has studied together in the program is a valuable resource and that the professional knowledge possessed by Mandel graduates, who are active in so many different and varied areas, can contribute to a mutually-beneficial exchange of ideas. Read More

Seminars in collaboration with academic organizations worldwide 

These seminars, held with theoreticians, researchers and experts in practice from around the world, are devoted to multidisciplinary subjects and provide a varied and global perspective. Read More

Graduates host 

Graduates host those fellows from among the Mandel community who are interested in a tour and discussion of a professional issue of general interest. Read More

Partnerships with Israeli and international experts 

The MGU forges academic and professional partnerships with the finest lecturers and professionals in the world. Read More

Encounters with policy makers and opinion leaders 

The Mandel Graduate Unit provides structure for formal and informal discourse with policy-makers and opinion leaders – major figures that impact the public discourse Read More

Roundtables – A platform to explore a subject on the social/educational agenda 

The roundtable offers opportunities to learn, develop skills and forge ties with prominent individuals in the academy and in the field, as well as with leading organizations and institutions. Read More