The Mandel Learning Community: Continuation Programs

The Mandel Learning Community: Continuation Programs

Our continuation programs are based on the assumption that the peer group (cohort) that has studied together in the program is a valuable resource and that the professional knowledge possessed by Mandel graduates, who are active in so many different and varied areas, can contribute to a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas.

These programs are aimed at creating a safe and intimate space where participants feel free to clarify professional dilemmas and present up-to-date knowledge in the fields of education and society, turning the graduates into a learning community.

The subjects discussed at the meetings include personal and professional issues that reflect the challenges and organizational environment where graduates work - such as being lonely at the top, planning spheres of influence, possible conflicts between personal and organizational values, etc.

The activity model that MGU has developed over the years is adapted to each cohort to suit its needs and stage of development.

The content and points emphasized in each of the follow-up programs is developed in collaboration with the graduates themselves as well as based on evaluation processes.