Seminars in Collaboration with Academic Organizations Worldwide

Seminars in Collaboration with Academic Organizations Worldwide

​These seminars, held with theoreticians, researchers and expert practitioners from around the world, are devoted to multidisciplinary subjects and provide a varied and global perspective.

The seminars are especially adapted to the challenges that Mandel graduates face in a variety of areas: leadership, management, education and society.

These seminars enable graduates to take time off from their arduous day-to-day tasks, giving them an opportunity to reflect and think, both individually and as a group, while structuring the group as a resource for the professional development of its members.



Examples of seminars:

  • Seminar on the reciprocal relations between philanthropic foundations and public policy
  • Seminar on education and leadership
  • Seminar on future planning in organizations
  • Seminar on senior management
  • Seminar on the question of leadership
  • Various seminars on management
  • Seminar on leadership and change