Partnerships with Israeli and International Experts

Partnerships with Israeli and International Experts

MGU forges academic and professional partnerships with the finest lecturers and professionals in the world.

The encounters held in this framework focus on varied subject areas, such as leadership, education, society, philosophy and assessment, and they are aimed at enabling meaningful learning and professional development processes in group sessions as well as creating professional ties among the graduates by means of personal encounters.

Among the encounters:

  • Social Entrepreneurship - a lecture by Prof. Paul Light
  • Building a Strategic Picture of the Future - Workshop on Planning Future Scenarios facilitated by Prof. Karim Majed.
  • The Successful Manager - Challenges and Dilemmas form an International Perspectives - concluding seminar for directors' course
  • What's More Important - Strategy or Values - the Secret of Success of Leaders and their Organizations - a lecture by Prof. Andrew Kakabadse